There have been a few questions, which are answer below. If in doubt, just ask! 
  1. Number of horses: what counts is the rider! So you can ride as many (Icelcandic) horses as you like, hand horses count 1/2 distance so if you ride 10 km, taking a hand horse, count 15km. 
  2. Groups: up to 7 riders can form a group. The total target will be the average of the distance from home to Berlin of all group members (remember your target will change if a new member joins your group, which can be done at any time! Register here.  All rides count! You do not need to ride out together, in order for the km to be added to the group total. That will be done automatically when you (as a group member) send in your ridden km. 
  3. This is not a race!  But rather a record of your achievement (individual and as a group). Why not? Well for some of you the distance to Berlin is ‘only’ just over 1000km (1073km, to be precise) and for others it is almost 2000km. The furthest distance at the moment is 1883km, and I have not heard from the riders in Wick, yet! Once we get a bit “closer”, we might intro duce a competitive element into the the whole initiative. For the time being, enjoy the ride! 
  4. A monthly update will be sent out to all registered riders. 

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