Just received this email from J&J (nickname): This could be interesting only J*** has a passport. 
Maybe this is the time to get one for the rider also! You have a year! - Go for it! 
Here is some food for thought: Today is the 29th July, and so far 9 riders have registered. If we add the individual targets together, we get to a total of 13,054km. That would mean ca 40 riders will make our target 44,000km - the circumference of the globe. That's  BIG!  
But then again: shared joy is double the joy, and shared miles are half the miles. Most of us will travel much more comfortably together.... 
In order to let you contribute your own stories, there will be a new "entry" for each month, or more regularly if needed. Please submit your contributions in the "comment" box. Thank you - and much looking forward to reading about your adventures. 
 My enthusiasm is of course fired by the world class events I have attended before. Once been there, forever smitten... To let you have a flavour of what is to come, I will start with a video clip from last month, of the opening ceremony of Landsmót 2012. The pleasure of seeing so many great horses in the company of so many like-minded people - it just has to be shared! Gundula