Fjölnir holding his own...
...and conquering Edinburgh High Street.
But why the posh clothes? Well this ride has been done before, and before, and before... to find out more, here is an extract from the history of the event in Edinburgh: 


The first record of a Riding Of The Marches in Edinburgh was on All Hallows (Halloween), 31st October 1579. On this date, a group of towns’ people gathered at the Provost’s house at 11am, from where they embarked on an inspection of the Marches of the Common Land led by the Captain of the Trained Band (Town Guard), Provost, Baillies and Burgesses. “Intimatioun” (intimation) of the event was given to the “nichtbouris” (towns people) and anyone who regularly made use of the Common Land, possessed a horse and failed to take part in the inspection was liable to be fined.

You find out more here.

Thank you Helen for the fabulous pictures. What an event! And it took you both one step closer to Berlin! 

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