A local yard recently advertised a sponsored ride in aid of horses for horses, the initiative has been picked up across the world and riders from a number of countries have supported the scheme.
The ride gave a few of us a great excuse to up our miles towards the Ride to Berlin as well as a great chance to catch up with other Icelandic riders. Our arrival was met with some astonishment and a few smiles from other horse owners on the yard, however some of the participants on big horses who we had met at other rideouts nodded in our direction with some respect and advised these onlookers, “they travel in packs  at speed!”
And so off we set the Icelandic Horde, in beautiful sun to cover 10 miles around the outskirts of Aberdeen, through forests, across busy roads, alongside a football match and a golf course. The site of the pack certainly turned heads and grabbed the attention of those we met. The ride reminded me of why I love the Icelandic, the thrill of the speed and in great company which included a son of Iceland who also enjoyed the reminder of home, albeit in more suburban surroundings!  The day was rounded off with a BBQ, content we have travelled a bit closer to Berlin. 

The picture shows Shona and her mare Skák

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