Loftur and Gerpla, parents of Vordis, below
Facebook? WorldFengur? Hmm, I quite like FB, but nothing beats WF when it comes to tracing connections! Below you find the story of Alison, her faithful Ómi, and that very elegant homebred mare Vordis. Of course, I had to look this up - and lo and behold, Vordis' father, Loftur, is a very special horse in our family. There was me looking for my first Icelandic horse in the winter of 2003. We did as we were told, and went here and there to try out as many different horses as we could manage. I say ´we´... the horse was supposed to be for me, but Jeremy, who had only just started to ride (5 lessons), came along wherever this search took me. One of the places for Pentland Hills, and Jill kindly invited us for a ride in the hills. There was me, concentrating on a possible mount, and Jeremy - on Loftur. The Pentlands are wild and steep, and very soon you are on top of the world. Up, up, up we rode, faster and faster - and finally a quick canter to the very roof of the world. When we arrived, breathless and exhilarated, Jill turned round to Jeremy, asking, if he had ever done any canter? There was only one answer: of course, now he has! 
Needless to say, Jeremy got his own "first" Icelandic not so very long after that! (GMS) 

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