There have been a few questions, which are answer below. If in doubt, just ask! 
  1. Number of horses: what counts is the rider! So you can ride as many (Icelcandic) horses as you like, hand horses count 1/2 distance so if you ride 10 km, taking a hand horse, count 15km. 
  2. Groups: up to 7 riders can form a group. The total target will be the average of the distance from home to Berlin of all group members (remember your target will change if a new member joins your group, which can be done at any time! Register here.  All rides count! You do not need to ride out together, in order for the km to be added to the group total. That will be done automatically when you (as a group member) send in your ridden km. 
  3. This is not a race!  But rather a record of your achievement (individual and as a group). Why not? Well for some of you the distance to Berlin is ‘only’ just over 1000km (1073km, to be precise) and for others it is almost 2000km. The furthest distance at the moment is 1883km, and I have not heard from the riders in Wick, yet! Once we get a bit “closer”, we might intro duce a competitive element into the the whole initiative. For the time being, enjoy the ride! 
  4. A monthly update will be sent out to all registered riders. 
I thought I'd explain how you can use a webpage/app like Endomondo to keep track of your ridden distances. I started tracking my ridden distances and speeds about two years ago, mostly to help me get Oskar fit for Trec, and get a better idea of typical ridden speeds to improve our performance on the POR.
Endomondo is a (free) web service that keeps track of your workouts, and allows you to interact with other users. First, you create an account online. Use the "settings" to choose whether you want to keep your workouts completely private, make them visible to "friends" only, or visible to all. You can add a workout by hand on the webpage by drawing the route you've ridden on a map. You can add your start and end time as well, and choose your type of exercise ("Riding"). The "statistics" tab allows you to view a summary of your past workouts, for example each month's total ridden distance - very convenient for The Long Ride.
If you own a smart phone, you can download the free Endomondo app. If you activate and stop the app before and after each ride, your ridden distance, time, speed, elevation gain etc. will automatically be uploaded to your web account. This way, you don't have to enter each workout by hand.
For extra fun, you can issue or participate in "challenges". For example, there's a challenge running for The Long Ride, which will count each participant's distance ridden from August 4th until next year, and shows who is in the lead. If you decide to sign up, search the Challenges, using the pull-down tab to restrict to "Riding", and you'll find The Long Ride challenge. Then click "Join". The more the merrier! . 
Maike & Oskar 

Note: you still need to send in your ridden distances via this site 
Just as well this is a 'virtual' ride, as one of the mare who has just started to be on her way is actually pregnant. Congratulations! So the foal will be born long before the world championships start, but the rider is determined to keep going. She states: " I will ride as much as I can to add up the total Might even have to borrow a horse!!!" Good on you! And anyway, a fit mare 'half way to Berlin' will have an easier birth, than 'the one who stayed at home'... 
One more person - and there will be 20 committed riders, trying to ride all the way to Berlin. We also have 3 teams now: Solva Icelandics, Meadow Head Icelandics and Take it isi. Teamwork is the way to go if you do not want to go the whole way.
At the moment the "shortest" registered distance is 1061 km, and the longest 1883km.
Here in the north we are currently 4 riders in the "take it isi" team, which shortens the personal target to approx 470 km over the next 355 days - much more manageable!

Together we’ll be there!