Ómi and Vordis enjoying the winter sun
Just over 20 years ago, Alison bought Ómi, a 3 year old gelding from Pentland Hills, unaware  that  this would be the beginning of a life-long relationship – and, not without its drama. Ómi turned out to be a competent and reliable riding horse, and he was also quite good at driving. But after 6 years Alison decided to start breeding, and  - yes, you can have too many horses… So Ómi found a new home, and soon afterwards Alison had a beautiful filly playing in her paddock. Vordis is still around, and so is Ómi! When he was 16, circumstances conspired that he ended up back with Alison, where he has been ever since. He's now 23 and still the same as ever. They ride out as much as time allows. Alison used to think that she wanted something a bit more challenging than, him but in the past few years the traffic has often made her really appreciate his calm manner and reliability, which is second to none!

It has been agreed that every km towards Berlin will count. That includes not only ridden but also driven distances. And what could be better than driving towards an unknown destination in the company of faithful Ómi. (AF/GMS)

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